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Coaching Conversations: Building a Foundation of Trust

In this audio interview, Brenda Power chats with Gwen Blumberg about her lessons from her first years of coaching: trust takes time, and baby steps toward change need to be celebrated.

Coaching Conversations: Carry the Water

In this audio interview, Susan Kennedy chats with Brenda Power about the challenges of starting a new coaching position in a different part of the country, and building relationships with resistant teachers.

Advice for New Literacy Coaches: An Interview with Susan Avis

Susan Avis chats with Brenda Power about the delicate work of honoring the strengths of teachers while still pushing them beyond their comfort zones to improve skills.

Coaching Conversations: Easing Your Way into Positive Relationships

Sharon Thompson shares some of the highs (growing interest in getting help, via word of mouth) and lows (tutoring in an unheated closet?!) of her first year of coaching in this brief audio interview.

Coaching Conversations: Collaborating and Celebrating Small Victories

Natasha Axelson shares some of the surprises and challenges of coaching, as well as the importance of celebrating small victories with Brenda Power in this audio interview.

Coaching Conversations: Overstepping and Realistic Modeling

In this podcast, Brenda Power and Krystal Nemeth chat about Krystal's experiences as a new coach, especially one situation when she was over-zealous in planning and leading a small-group demonstration lesson.

Coaching Conversations: Defining Your Role

Brenda Power chats with Kathleen Collaro about the challenges of carving out time for coaching when teachers are clamoring for additional instruction support for struggling learners.

High Schools, Scale, and Reluctance: A Podcast with Diane Sweeney

In this 18-minute podcast, Diane Sweeney talks about the challenges of coaching at the secondary level, and shares advice for working with reluctant teachers.

Evocative Coaching with Bob and Megan Tschannen-Moran (PODCAST)

In this podcast, the authors of Evocative Coaching discuss their four-part model and what it offers educators.

Literacy Coaching and Student Work with Diane Sweeney (PODCAST)

Diane Sweeney talks about the importance of focusing more on student work and less on teacher plans and lessons for literacy coaches.

Katherine Casey on Sharing Blunders with Colleagues (PODCAST)

Katherine Casey explains why she shares her teaching blunders (on video, no less) with colleagues, and what she has learned from the process.

Katherine Casey on Coaching in Classrooms (PODCAST)

In this podcast, Katherine Casey shares her wisdom on classroom modeling for coaches that really works because both teacher and coach have a shared understanding of purpose and practice.

Getting the Most Out of Visiting a Colleague's Classroom (PODCAST)

Tammy Mulligan and Clare Landrigan talk with Franki Sibberson about strategies for getting the most out of observing in a colleague's classroom.

Jennifer Allen on Working with Veteran Teachers (PODCAST)

Jennifer Allen has developed some innovative support systems for veteran teachers. She shares her insights in this podcast.

Jennifer Allen on Working with New Teachers (PODCAST)

New teachers need thoughtful support -- Jennifer Allen has suggestions on how to provide that assistance in this podcast.