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August 10, 2018 It List

This week we consider how to work with teachers who are resisting change. If you'd prefer to read the newsletter online, click here.

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I'm Already Doing This

"I'm already doing this," a teacher groans. And the literacy coach groans inwardly at the same time, because the teacher usually isn't doing anything resembling the innovation being discussed. Dana Murphy explains how she uses validation and questions to move beyond this conversation killer in professional development settings.

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Whenever They Are Ready: Building Trust for PD Success

Matt Renwick finds he needs to take a deep breath, listen, and be open to options when there is a disagreement about next steps in a school improvement initiative.

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Literacy Audit (Part 4): Building a Strong Team

We continue our series on literacy audits. Jennifer Schwanke explains why it is essential to build a strong team if you want to see real change after completing an audit and deciding on next steps.

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6 Tips for a Great Personal Development Plan

Wally Bock shares some practical tips for plotting a growth plan and sticking with it over time.

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To say that a person feels listened to means a lot more than just their ideas get heard. It's a sign of respect. It makes people feel valued.

                                                         Deborah Tannen

Our new online course program launches August 20!

Check out three new courses: Getting Organized for Coaching, hosted by Ruth Ayres; Gradual Release of the Classroom Library (K-3), hosted by Bitsy Parks; and It's a Cycle, Not a Hamster Wheel: Getting the Most Out of Coaching Cycles, hosted by Dana Murphy.

Each self-paced course includes screencasts with the instructors, classroom videos, articles, and templates and guides to download, as well as three-month trial memberships to Lead Literacy and Choice Literacy. Detailed descriptions are available at this link.